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At S. Boudrias, we are certified by the Environment Ministry.

We collect and treat all the residues of street sweepers and sewage sludge from several municipalities and private companies.
For many businesses and municipalities, these residues are a major problem because they contain large amounts of leachate as well as several other contaminants. The protection of groundwater is particularly important. Most facilities do not have on-site treatment and their leachate is sent through storm sewer systems or by truck to urban wastewater treatment plants, which are generally not equipped to treat this type of pollution. The purpose of the catchment is to limit the height of water in the mass of waste.

However, to dispose of them in a safe way, we are equipped with retention and settling tanks as well as filtration systems approved by the government.

Depending on the needs and requirements of our suppliers, we have an 80 foot long scale to accommodate all types of trucks.

Deposits are made at our Laval branch.