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The location

Several factors are taken into account to determine the future location of your vegetable garden:

Exposure is essential: the vegetable garden must be located in a place sheltered from the winds and sun, so that your plants feel good there.

The practical aspect is not to be neglected: choose a location close to your house to have your production close at hand when developing your recipes. Remember that the proximity of a water source is essential and will save you the tedious work of carrying watering cans that are always too heavy. The vicinity of a cabin where you can store your tools will be also a plus.

Test the soil

Not all soils are suitable for growing vegetables, first it will be necessary to test the soil to determine its pH in order to be able to adapt or modify it. Get a kit in the garden center or observing the surrounding flora is also a good indicator. Rhododendrons and Hydrangeas abound: your soil is acidic!

Be inspired by your neighbors and do not hesitate to ask them for advice: a vegetable garden is also a place of exchange and conviviality!

The preparation

After manual weeding, you will need to aerate the soil using a spade fork. To do this, we plant the instrument every 10 cm and we move back and forth without turning the soil over so as not to disturb the different layers.

After a period of rest, it will be the moment to incorporate the various elements to rebalance the soil and the organic amendments to nourish it.

All you have to do is sow according to the instructions on the seed packaging or install small plants at the right time. A vegetable garden is a good learning patience, so let the time work for you and you will reap the succulent fruits of your labor in due time.